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In this video series I have shared and discussed best share to buy for long-term for compounding multi-bagger returns in the share market. These shares are the one which can be bought in safe form or can be bought lumsum as well not only for 2021 year but years to come. Also this playlist and these videos including this one will help you to make your own Mutual fund and also will explain and make you understand how to invest in share market. How to invest as SIP In share market can also be learnt by following this video and the playlist you can learn how to invest like a pro in share market. These stocks are fundamentally very good & technically very sound with compounding story and with a dividend paying also. Promoters have a good interest in them and reputation as well these stocks you can Invest directly as well or you can become an independent expert of the market by buying the stock in a systematic manner, make sure you have watched the video completely & make sure you have followed the playlist of the channel on the YouTube and make sure you have comment and like the video.

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