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Telephonic Consultation Service



☆In this Ishaan will directly communicate with you one on one over phone regarding your doubts & queries of any kind and more. (time: 30-45 mins approx. & adjustable).

☆Except personal questions, one can ask stuff & clear queries regarding any Topic & your Doubts. You will get the best solutions.

☆Recommended for all who have any Doubts of any Kind.

☆Fee: - 3500/- per session. & Any special requests r also welcomed.

☆Do Note: Consult Directly for payment and Topic you have to submit in advance and then you will get the appointment timing for communication.

Coaching Class

Become a Perfect Trader & Investor

★☆ Flexible Course ★☆

★☆ Crash Course ★☆

{Both Courses are practical courses, requires PC access to the tutor and practical knowledge will be provided, No bookish definitions}


★☆ Aim★☆

In Stock Market or any work your 1st Step should be right and technically and logically correct. This course Aim’s to perfect your first Step in the project of stock market.

★☆ Objective:★☆

To Become a perfect trader who is Technically strong and Logically Active too. Self-Independent to take decision based on your own research and technical.

★☆Highlights About the Course Content★☆

★ How to Start

★ How to use different tools for Trading & Investment

★ Ishaan’s Strategy and Logics

★ Intraday Trading

★ Investing Secrets

★ Long Term, Short Term & Intraday Trading

★ Indicators & Applications

★ Multibaggers

★ Stock Selection

★ Money management

★ And More...

★☆ Flexible Course ★☆

Details About the Course

☆ This Service is best for “Working People and those who have timings Issues”.

☆ Course Timings: Max 15 Days, Scheduled 1 to 2 hrs per class on decided dates and time..


☆ Flexible timings as per mutual understanding.

☆ Course Details as per mentioned above.

☆ 24hrs Time choice Option

★☆ Crash Course ★☆

Crash Course Over Weekend Available: (Recommended)

☆ This Course is for all who believes and want to opt trading and stock market as career option and are serious learners and understands the value of learning and timing.

☆ Timings: Saturday & Sunday Full Day from Morning 10Am to 6Pm (Adjustable) till desired results.


☆ No break or miscommunication or lag due to time factor.

☆ On the Spot Doubts,Queries and Questions solutions & more.

☆ No delay in understanding the approach and perfecting the art for practical implementation right on the go.

☆ Most Imp: (My Personal Belief) The Feel and Intensity of the Trading Session and learning approach is high in continuity.

★☆ Option Chain Analysis Course ★☆

★☆ Aim★☆

To be self-sufficient in stock market analysis

★☆ Objective:★☆

How to analyse independently and accurately

★☆Highlights About the Course Content★☆

★ How to analyse and predict movement of market

★ Basics concepts to advanced learning

★ Calls & Puts

★ Identify Support & Resistance

★ Identify Direction of Market and Stocks

★ Secret Strategy of Ishaan

★ Call Buying and writing

★ Long Short Strategy

★ Put Call Ratio

★ And more…

Details About the Course

☆ Timings: Saturday or One Day Decided from Morning 11Am to 5Pm (Adjustable) till desired results. Sunday (or 2nd day) open for queries and all the questions along with more learning lessons and doubts regarding the course and some concepts if left.

To Enroll & Fee queries: Contact Ishaan Directly after becoming channel member.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

★ Who should Join?

Anyone who want to learn and is technically not sound or is new and want to approach stock market as career MUST JOIN.

★ Will I get support after my course?

Yes, as channel member you already know I am always there to help and support in any doubts, so don’t worry about the support. I am always there to help in any doubts and queries.

★ Is this course include Intraday strategy?

Yes, all those strategies told/discussed works on all time frame including Intraday.

★ Can I Find Multibagger or Investment ideas after this?

Yes, you get the Golden key we call “Technical”, Use as you can, provided you practice.

Terms & Conditions, Disc

★ The above services are only educational services and purpose of the same is to spread knowledge and any stocks/company’s names mentioned are not recommendation of any kind and you will be fully responsible for your own actions.

★ Fee is non-refundable and, in any situation, I get in trouble by attitude or commitment I have full right to cancel your coaching and sessions without any refund or damages. So better have a learning student behaviour only.

★ In Case after fee received tutor gets in any medical or impossible life-threatening natural conditions where he won’t be able to response or do the needful will be considered as NOC from the other party with no damages to be claimed from the owner/Tutor Ishaan.

★ As standard disc: This is no tips service & I am by choice an individual trader with nothing to do with SEBI or it's registration.

★ Fee and Registration or Enrolment in any services are to be done after confirmation of Ishaan’s Official communication only on which one is already active since these services are open only for channel members those are already in touch via different communication sources. Any transection or communication done on any other platform, source or any unofficial platform where Ishaan is not in communication, will be treated as fake and Ishaan or any one associated with the website and team is not responsible for any issues or any other.

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